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Monday, 1 October 2012

You and me in love

Your love ignite fire in me
To love passionately thee
With no strings of betray
But surety for never lasting stay
Even crossing the might of mortal day.........

We shall rewrote history
Prominently solving together a mystery
love and its unrealistic illness
By providing us as an exemplary case
A feeling of love is not a mess.....

If almighty shower us his grace
And world relieve us from its stress
Our souls will unite, despite all those who defy
Defy our union based on their unsuccessful try
With cheer in heart and eyes full of cry.......

That's what I want from this useless life
Mere silence and you as my wife
No aim rose before this eyes except these
For which I could even set my life on lease
Please O graceful almighty do made us unite please.........

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