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Saturday, 29 September 2012


Few years back whenever i used to roam in gullies of West Patel Nagar market I used to taste the delicious CHOLE BHATURE of the area. Cheap, tasty, and delicious item this bhature would always tempt me towards it. I don't exact remember the times but ya i can say that its 2-3 years ago the price of this tasty item was around Rs10. Whenever i used to go to West Patel Nagar i regularly visit this stall. Regular interaction among us (Between stall owner and me) has created a human bond between us. Since i used to be his frequent costumer he used to serve me before everyone no matter how much those hungry people would scream out of their body for a Bhature. This process continue for around year. Then i used to be busy for different  work so couldn't visit the stall but still i used to dream about those mouth watering Bhatures now and then . After long time i couldn't hold away from it so I decided to give a visit. Those were time when my pocket were most of the time empty (Don't get confused that i have plenty of money now still my pocket are empty but now some how i get money) but that day i had some how I have Rs.15 in my pocket for Chole Bhature and Sikanji a drink. Passing through same street which some time ago used to be my junction made my heart fill will strange feeling. Glancing the crowded market where a rickshaw puller is abused by some spoiled kid, a typical heavy weight aunt bargaining with poor vendor and some middle aged uncles drinking some unknown brand is a regular sight in street of capital. Ignoring these i move on to my stall. When I reach the stall First think that take me aback was there were no hungry crowds that used to be here before next the stall owner didn't recognise me. This incident teach me one thing a relation between seller and costumer is till there is a transaction taking place then there develops a unfamiliarity once the transaction ended. But I was not there to develop relation but to satisfy my hungry stomach and ever hungry heart.I order a plate of Chole Bature and take a smell of it there is same smell same elegance and same standard as of before I enjoy it with all my heart till it finished. Then I went to counter pay Rs.10 and started to walk when I heard someone yelling at me when I turned back it was the stall owner.
"Yes" I said.
"Where's money?" He asked.
"I just paid you" i replied with some attitude.
"Its just the half' he said.
Then i come to reasons for all those incident its rise in the price which had lead to fall in demand(Being commerce student I could count on that) and his indifferent attitude was because after price rise no one become faithful to him.
But now real problem was money . I don't have enough money to pay him. He says now price of Chole Bhature is Rs.20 and all I have was Rs.15.
 I asked him"I have only Rs.15 with me can i pay after sometime?  tomorrow?"  I thought being regular customer he would agree but to my utter surprise what he said till now echo in my ears.
"You bastard poor if you don't have money why the hell you come to eat?"
"Hey mind your language, I just forget to bring my money and you don't say a word about me" I said thundering with anger.
"First pay and do whatever you want to otherwise I know how to teach a lesson for you filthy fellow"
I was totally confused and obviously it take hell out of me. I was totally confused what to do. I was praying for god to give me some alternative to tackle this problem. Just then I heard a voice>
"Hey Dinesh Bhai What are you doing here? Having Chole bhature alone?" Someone say behind me.
When i look back it was most elegant situation as he was my buddy Rahul. I explained him the situation and he immediately pay the amount and also teach him warn him not to do this type of talking again. I don't  wanted to talk with that man again. We, me and rahul move to our respective house not before I thanked Him thousand time in our way home. But he only said what i still remember
        As i lay comfortably in my cozy bed I think about the evening episode. After thinking for it till midnight I come to conclusion that There's no relation other than your relative(If they are good) and friends other all relations are not relation but contacts arise with the time and fade with the time. All we need to do with these contacts is use them well enough and end the relations as this type of relations cannot go on for long.

Friday, 28 September 2012

I wonder how the system of world work? As per my thoughts they are controlled by God but is it really what everyone thought? No i don't think so because not everyone are tangled in inner belief of gods. I on other hand always been die hard believer of god but i only pray for them when i am in difficulty or in gay mood. Why i never pray for them consistently is what i also not able to answer myself. but yes i had pray them for thousand time to provide me way for something, to give direction for something for one thing or other thing i always remember god but not on regular basis. My mother regularly pray for god as she believe god is what shaping her life and to have better life she need to devote herself to god. Thought i love god cause many time he listen my pray but what i not love about him is he also ignore my pray most of the time. There's a universal feeling that god is listening to everyone and only act when it's right time. Hope what all believe is true and always god do right for he never goes wrong.........................

Thursday, 27 September 2012


strange is the ritual of world
which could made sane an insane
destroying deep down his hope
filling his heart with pain
drenched in drops of tear
 raged with never vanishing fear
i walk a lonely road deprived of companion
stripped of glory of champion 
chanting the ill of these world's ritual
its heart break and its cruel
in drizzling gloomy day
on boulevard of broken dream
with air surrounded with utter silence 
And my heart making a scream
about those loss i made
Cause of the mean world
shattering dreams of many like me
which had aged and become old