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Saturday, 12 March 2016


I smile for world
Even though I cry inside
For they will say being a man
I must maintain pride
But will they understand?
How much pain I've to bear
To carry a fake smile
And hide the tear
They won't, because they don't care
But they will once I make a mistake
As if world been turned upside down
And some eternal  vow I have break
They will correct you,
Judge you, and even suggest
And pass a judgement
As if your existence is jest
Such a is world,
Being a man here is difficult
Every step you are judged
Even being without fault
And they say being woman is hard
Just live in man shoe
You'll understand the harsh reality
What is false and what is true

Thursday, 3 March 2016


Where shall I find my utopia,
In an island created from piles of dead?
Or city built by massacring
Poor and oppressed by blade...

What shall be I served there,
Deliquescing cuisines, exquisite meals?
From foods snatched from starved,
And mercilessly looted from mills...

Oh what shall I be drinking,
The elixir of immortality?
Extracted from blood of people
Those dying from ours brutality...

How will I be entertained,
From circus performed by artist?
Those separated from their loved ones
And left at mercy of human disguised beast...

If so I don't want such utopia
For I am satisfied in my own bed,
No receiving curse, No worrying
For utopia created from plies of dead
For utopia created from plies of dead
For utopia created from plies of dead