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Saturday, 24 August 2013


Where it started is a mystery
But what it does is history
This is so call life and death
Maker of hope destroyer of faith
we knew it as love and vie for it
But what we forget is its all greed
Of a boy for girl and girl for boy
Who uses each other as toy
It ends a friendship of ages
Destroy the life time earned images
Takes all whatever you have in a swift
And give pain as a complementary gift
One do suicide,one kills other, one goes mad
So what say love is good or bad?
It takes all the money and our time
Committing in love now had become crime
So my friend be aware
Otherwise you will call it unfair
And regret your whole life crying
And will remember ,y advice while dying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Dark side of Love

Thinking about the poetry
I come across the history
of many betrayal story
more of sadness than of glory
cause it is proven fact
the man who swiftly act
himself deeply in love pact
can't ever in life react
for his heart will be gone
his life will be done
after he realizes he had been con
nothing will left except to mourn
the mistake had had committed
the situation he had created
as no one will be there to aid
for this he himself had made
so if you don't want to be mad
made your life pathetic and bad
and spent your life being sad
just shun the love you will be glad