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Friday, 28 September 2012

I wonder how the system of world work? As per my thoughts they are controlled by God but is it really what everyone thought? No i don't think so because not everyone are tangled in inner belief of gods. I on other hand always been die hard believer of god but i only pray for them when i am in difficulty or in gay mood. Why i never pray for them consistently is what i also not able to answer myself. but yes i had pray them for thousand time to provide me way for something, to give direction for something for one thing or other thing i always remember god but not on regular basis. My mother regularly pray for god as she believe god is what shaping her life and to have better life she need to devote herself to god. Thought i love god cause many time he listen my pray but what i not love about him is he also ignore my pray most of the time. There's a universal feeling that god is listening to everyone and only act when it's right time. Hope what all believe is true and always god do right for he never goes wrong.........................

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