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Tuesday, 16 October 2012


The feeling of joy cannot be expressed in any language existing in this world. But what is most overwhelming is that it can be demonstrate  to take hell out of other(Read: Making Joke of other). This is not my personal experience but a universal validity. If you really insist in knowing my personal experience about it I would  like to describe one such instance. What really happen that time was really a humors. I was in academical competition with one of my class mate. Who was over confident about his capability. Since i was new student rest of class were quiet unknown to my ability(To be Frank I was topper.....) and same was in case with this mate. There was a school test going while I was admitted and my luck or you may call gods grace the first day I attend the school same day was math test(Known as monster test ) and to yours amusement I was best at math. And my dear mate assume himself to be greatest mathematician. As everyone prepare for test I was too preparing then I heard someone call me.
"Excuse me"
"Yes"-I replied instantly.
So you the new boy, giving math test? He asked rudely.
 "Yes" I replied abruptly(with some arrogance.)
"I am sure you are not aware with the subject so I advice or rather ask you to avoid test on the basis of new student"  He said as if he was my master and I his salve.
"Why are you advising me? Do I know you?" I asked rather harshly.
""No and I don't want you to know me as well and I write it in my name you definitely gonna fail" He went away shrieking.
I was confused and my mind was burning with anger. I wanted to teach this bullshit a lesson so as I stand to go towards him to teach him a lesson someone held me back. I look back to see cheerful face that vanished all my anger. 
"Don't react towards his words he is such a bastard " He advise me.
And to say you all he was same who become my best buddy  through out my academic period.

                         I ignore my brilliant mate(Same Who I was About To Hit) and started to think about test only. Teacher came for test and test started. As I have habit of never watching away while watching I don't give a dam but ya the thought to prove that arrogant friend wrong consistently revolve in my mind.

                                 ----------- 2 HOURS LATER-------------
After the test was ended everyone gather outside. The reaction was most surprising and most humors. Everyone were talking about the paper being unsolvable and toughest to date. There nothing more happen except my bonding with other buddies.

                                                          NEXT DAY 

Next day our third period was of maths. before that period I learn much about teacher, school and other fact that I can't describe here(You don't really know what we talk in all boys school). But the most relevant thing to this story that I learn was about my sweet rival till my secondary level(Whom I always defeated in each and ever test and exam cause of gods grace and bit of hard work.) was almost everyone in class hate him because of his attitude that he was genius as well as his I-Don't-Help-Anyone behavior. So what all pray was someone may come and give him taste of earth. And till then nobody believe in me to give him a competition as well. 
                   Then enter our maths teacher as of every maths teacher with angry-young-man look. He sat in desk and started to announce the result of test. Roll no.1 Fail, Roll no.2 fail............. till turn of my genius friend whose roll no was 33 (As we were allotted Roll numbers according to admission not ranking wise ) till then 26 out of 32 were failed. when his turn came teacher as everyone expectation doesn't even made clap his marks though he secure 40/50 which was almost twice the marks of second highest scorer. He take the sheet from sir and was walking back as if he had won world war 3. Everyone were asking his numbers as if he had some secret code to treasure and would tell you if you ask only. Then the same thing repeated  failing stories and Mr. Confidence laugh on others. 

              Then come turn of my buddy just before my roll number. He was passed just by whiskers. I was happy but was also tensed as next was my turn. What happen next is below that am writing in dialogue .
Sir-Who is Roll no.47?
Me-Sir me.
Sir-Boy come here.
I rose and started to walk towards sir then I heard a voice of my great rival.
"See i had said, You gonna fail and now take the punishment "
Ignoring him i went towards sir. Those 30 seconds were my most tensed second in school. those 30 second nothing come out of my mind. I just went towards sir. He turn me towards class and say loudly.
Sir-Everyone carefully see this guy he is the one who got 50 out of 50............
Everyone were shocked including me. As I expected to score good but not full. After coming out of their shock everyone clap out of their guts for two reason
i) I had made their pray come true(Read above)
ii) I had score that what no one else had thought of.
After some more lecture as every teacher would give as his student had score out of his expectation I went back to my seat. In between i saw my dear friend-less-rival-more buddy just waiting to cry. That what I was talking in starting in this story. After that incidence  nobody in my class saw that before-my-arrival attitude in my rival. He totally kept quiet before we parted in stream later.(No, Not because of same but because he never really get chance to take his revenge.) What I wanted to say may not be taken in false way that I wanted to prove myself great or anyone low but that one should not over estimate oneself. 

                      That day I realized why joy cannot be expressed in linguistic term but can give you such a pleasure that it will remain through out your life. And your joy may be sadness for someone who hates you for no reason(Read my dear rival.) And that joy may give you much more pleasure if you prove someone false statement false with your deed. JUST EXPERIENCE IT ONE YOU WILL COME TO KNOW WHAT I MEANT...............

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